Monday, March 30, 2009

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Civil Engineer in Computer Science is a professional entrepreneur and autonomous, which includes physical and mathematical foundations that underpin ICT and applies principles of computer science and management organizations for the analysis, design, construction and operation of computer systems.
Through a systemic, is able to understand production and service processes of different industries and organizational areas, work in interdisciplinary teams and clearly see the potential of ICT action to propose, implement and operate technology solutions technically feasible and economically, socially and legally viable under the formative Southern University de Chile.

Why study Civil Engineering Computer?
innovative and is a race in flux, with a strong science and technology.
Because it is a specialty that is now linked to all the work of society, where information technology and communications have become a strategic element for people and organizations.
Because it is a career that lets you use the latest technology to make it available to organizations, both public and private.
Because it is a career that allows you to free exercise of the profession to build your own service company.


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